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ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
3723 UD CMA87 FD6 Engine Nissan / UD CMA87 1989 FD6 6 Spd 4.3:1 V3246


In Stock 20/02/15

Truck fitted with FD6 Engine

CMA87 All information
3719 UD CW445 CWB483 GE13 TD Engine 18 Spd Nissan / UD CW445 CWB483 2004 GE13TD 18 Spd 4.333:1 V3238


In Stock 06/02/2015

CW445 CWB483 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3711 UD MK235 FE6T Engine Nissan / UD MK235 MKB210 04/1998 FE6T IC 6 spd 4.875 V3240

In Stock 11/12/2014

MK235 MKB210 All information
3689 UD MK6 MKB37A JO8E JO8E-TE Engine Nissan / UD MK6 MKB37A 2008 JO8E-TE 6 spd 4.11 V3225

In Stock 17/09/2014

MK6 MKB37A All information
3687 UD CKB455 CKA320 PF6TA Engine Nissan / UD CKB455 CK320 1999 PF6TA MRT21A V3227

In Stock 17/10/2014

CKB455 CK320 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3682 UD PK9 JO8E JO8E-TB Engine Nissan / UD PK9 2010 JO8E-TB 6 spd V3235

In to Stock 24/10/2014

PK9 All information
3661 UD CWA 46 PE6-T Engine - Wrecking V3204 Nissan / UD CWA46 92 PE6-T RT11715 4.11 V3204

Date Received 14-08-14

CWA46 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3652 UD CWA46 PE6T Nissan / UD CWA46 CWA290 1991 PE6-TIC RT11715 4.625 V3212

NISSAN UD CWA290 / CWA46 (26/03/14)

CWA46 CWA290 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3646 Wrecking Nissan UD CW455 CWB483 GE13TD Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD CW455 CWB483 2006 GE13TD 18 Speed Std V3206 All information
3407 Wrecking Nissan UD CMF87 FE6B Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD CMF87 1989 FE6B 6 Speed Std V3188 All information
3402 Wrecking Nissan Civilian RGW40 TD42 Engine and Spare parts Nissan / UD RGW40 1994 TD42 5 Speed Standard V3184 All information
3344 Wrecking MK235 MKB210 FE6T Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD MK235 MKB210 1998 FE6T 6 Speed 4.875 V3177 All information
3159 Wrecking Nissan UD MK265 MKB215 FE6T Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD MK265 MKB215 2003 FE6T 24 Valve Euro 3 6 Speed Std V3155 All information
3017 Wrecking Nissan UD MK185 FE6T Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD MK185 MKB210 1999 FE6T 6 Speed Std V3144 All information
2860 Wrecking Nissan UD CW445 6E13TD Engine and Spare Parts Nissan / UD CW445 CWB483 2003 GE13TD 18 Speed 4.33 V3137 All information