UD and Nissan Diesel Engines


Selected from Locally Wrecked Vehicles, Imported from Japan and Fully

Reconditioned. Huge Range. Most Models Available. All Engines Hot

Run Tested and Fully Warranted. Premium Quality-Best Prices.

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ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
1453 Nissan UD NE6TA Diesel Engine NE6-TA NE6 Used Engine PK240 PK250 PKA250 CW240 CW250 Nissan / UD PK240 PK250 PKA250 CW240 CW250 1995-1999 NE6-T 7412 250 hp @ 2800 Turbo  Intercooled

Suits: PK240 PK250 PKA250 CW240 CW250
All information
1455 Nissan UD FD46TA Diesel Engine FD46-TA FD46T Used Engine MK175 Nissan / UD MK175 2007 FD46TA 4617 170 @ 2800 Intercooled
Suits the following:  MK175
All information
1461 Nissn UD RF8TD Diesel Engine RF8 Turbo Engine CW420 CWB545 Nissan / UD CW420 CWB545 1999- RF8TD 16991 430 hp @ 2000 CW420 CWB545 All information
1462 Nissan UD JO5D Diesel Engine JO5DTG JO5D TG J05DTG Engine MK5 Nissan / UD MK5 2009- JO5D-T 4728 Suits Nissan MK5 All information
1463 Nissan UD JO8E Diesel Engine JO8ET JO8E-TE JO8ETE J08E-TE J08ETE Used Engine MK6 Nissan / UD MK6 2009- JO8E-T 7684 228 -260 hp @ 2500 Suits Nissan MK6 All information
1464 Nissan UD JO8E Diesel Engine JO8TB JO8ETB J08ETB JO8-TB JO8E-TE J08-TB Used Engine MK6 PK9 PK10 Nissan / UD MK6 PK9 PK10 2009 JO8TB 7684 228 - 258 hp @ 2500 Suits Nissan MK6 PK9 PK10 All information
1623 Nissan FD42 Diesel Engine Nissan Atlas Condor Import Nissan / UD Atlas Condor import FD42 4214 125 h.p. Nissan Atlas Import All information
3655 UD GE13-TD Diesel Engine GE13TD GW470 GW26 CW445 CWA445 Nissan / UD GW470 GW26 CWA445 CW445 2009 GE13-TD 13074 460 All information