Mitsubishi Truck Engines


 Selected from Locally Wrecked Vehicles, Imported From Japan and Fully

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ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
79 Mitsubishi 6D31-T Diesel Engine 6D31T 6D31-1AT Engine FH100 Mitsubishi FH 92 - 96 6D31-T 4948 145 H.p @ 3200 Rpm

Suits the following :



FH All information
80 Mitsubishi 6M60-T Diesel Engine 6M60T 6M60-1AT1 6M60-1AT2 6M60-3AT2 6M60-3AT1 Used Engine Fighter FK61F FM61F FM65F FM67F FN61F FN62F FN63F FN64F Mitsubishi FK FM FN 02 - 6M60 7545 240 - 270 H.p @ 2900 Rpm

Suits the following models:

 FK61F  FK62F FK65F  Fighter 6 7 8  

6M60-1AT1   6M60-1AT2  6M60-3AT1 6M60-3AT2

FK FM FN All information
81 Mitsubishi 6M70 Diesel Engine 6M70-T 6M70T 6M701AT2 6M70-6AT4 6M70-6AT2 Used Engine FV51J FV54J FP54J FS52J Mitsubishi FP FV FS 02 - 6M70 12882 345 - 410 H.p @ 2200 Rpm

Suits the following models:

FV51J FV54J 

6M70-1AT2    6M70-1AT4    6M70-6AT4  6M70-6AT2
6M70-9AT2   6M70-9AT4     6M70-9AT1

FP FV FS All information
82 Mitsubishi 8DC9 Diesel Engine 8DC9-1A Engine FV415 Mitsubishi FV 84 - 92 8DC9 16031 295 H.p @ 2300 Rpm

Suits the following models:

FV All information
1321 Mitsubishi 4M50-T Diesel Engine 4M50 4M50T 4M50-3AT7 4M50-3AT8 Used Mitsubishi Engine Canter FE83D FE84D FE85D Rosa BE64D Mitsubishi FE 07 - 11 4M50 4899 150-175hp

Suits the following models:
Canter FE83D FE84D FE85D Rosa BE64D

4M50-T 4M50 4M50-3AT7 4M50-3AT84M50-1AT2 4M50-5AT5                                                  

FE All information
1614 Mitsubishi 6D16-T Intercooled Diesel Engine 6D16T 6D16 6D16-1AT 6D16T 6D161AT 6D161AT2 6D16-2AT7 6D16-3AT3 FK617 FM657 FM677 Fighter used engine Mitsubishi FK FM 95-05 6D16-TIC 7545 220 - 250 h.p.

Suits: FK617 FM657 FM677 Fighter

FK FM Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
1621 Mitsubishi 4D34-T Intercooled Diesel Engine 4D34T 4D34-2AT6 4D34-3AT3 Rosa BE649 used engine Mitsubishi Rosa 01-08 4D34-T 3907 142 h.p.

Suits : Rosa Bus BE649

Rosa All information
1622 Mitsubishi 4M50-T Intercooled Diesel Engine 4M50-3AT7 4M50-3AT8 Rosa BE64D used engine Mitsubishi Rosa 08- 4M50 4899 149 h.p.

Suits : Mitsubishi Rosa Bus BE64D

Rosa All information
3762 Mitsubishi 4P10 Diesel Engine 4P10-T2 4P10-T4 4P10-T6 Canter FEA21 FEB21 FEB51 FEB74 FEB71 FEC71 FEC81 FEC91 Mitsubishi FE 11 - 4P10 2998cc 130 - 175hp

To Suit the following Canter Models:


413 515 615 715 815 918 and Hybrid

FE Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3763 Mitsubishi 4P10 Diesel Engine 4P10-T4 Canter 4X4 FGB71 Mitsubishi FG 4X4 12 - 4P10 2998cc 150hp

To Suit Canter 4X4 FGB71

FG 4X4 All information
3765 Mitsubishi 4D34 Diesel Engine 4D34-OA 4D34-2A Canter 4X4 FG439 Mitsubishi FG 4X4 93 - 97 4D34 3907 110 hp

To Suit Canter 4X4 FG439 FG639

FG 4X4 All information
3766 Mitsubishi 4D33 Diesel Engine 4D33-4A Canter FG637 4X4 Mitsubishi FG 4X4 97 - 02 4D33 4214cc 115 hp

To Suit Canter 4X4 FG637

FG 4X4 All information
3767 Mitsubishi 4D34-TIC Diesel Engine 4D34-3AT3B Canter 4X4 FG649 Mitsubishi FG 4X4 02 - 08 4D34 TIC 3907 140 hp


To Suit Canter 4X4 FG649

FG 4X4 All information
3768 Mitsubishi 4M50 Diesel Engine 4M50-3AT7 Canter FG84D Mitsubishi FG 4X4 08 - 12 4M50 4899cc 150


To Suit Canter FG84D 4X4 

FG 4X4 All information