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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
2852 Wrecking Hino FF177K EH700 Engine and Spare Parts Hino FF177K 1985 EH700 5 Speed 2 Speed V3128 All information
2848 Wrecking Hino GH1H Super Eagle H06CTL Engine and Spare Parts Hino GH1H 1992 H06CTL Intercooled 6109 Eaton 9 Speed 4.625 V3119 All information
2402 Wrecking Hino Dutro XZU414 SO5CTB Engine and Parts Hino XZU414 2004 SO5CTB 6 Speed Std V3099 All information
2361 Wrecking Hino FM1J J08CTG Engine and Parts Hino FM1J 2000 J08CT-G Auto MT654 Std V3094 All information
1697 Wrecking Hino FF177K HO6CTE Engine and Parts Hino FF177K 1986 HO6CTE 5 Speed 2 Speed V3081 All information
1693 Wrecking Hino GT3H 4X4 4WD HO7D Engine And Parts Hino GT3H 1995 H07D 6 Speed 6.428 V3080 All information
1583 Wrecking Hino GD GD174 K EH700 Engine and Parts Hino GD174K 1985 EH700 6 Speed Std V3075 Wrecking Hino GD174 EH700 Engine All information
1555 Wrecking Hino KR360 EH100 EH700 Engine and Parts Hino KR360 1980 EH100 5 Speed 2 Speed V3074 Hino KR360 been fitted with EH700 Engine
All information
1576 Wrecking Hino Ranger 10 FG1J FG JO8CT JO8CTF Engine and Parts Hino FG1J FG Ranger 9 2000 JO8CT Allison MT643 auto 4 Speed Std V3073 Hino Ranger 10 FG1J FG Allison MT643 auto
All information
1584 Wrecking Hino FE FE3H HO7D H07D Engine and Parts Hino FE3H 1994 HO7D H07D 6 Speed Std V3072 Wrecking Hino FE3H HO7D H07D Engine All information
1574 Wrecking Hino Ranger 7 GD GD1J JO8C JO8C-F Engine and Parts Hino GD GD1J Ranger 7 1999 JO8C 6 Speed 4.33 V3070
Hino Ranger 7 GD GD1J
All information
1556 Wrecking Hino FC144K Fleeter FC W06E WO6E Engine and Parts Hino FC144K FC Fleeter 1990 WO6D 5 Speed Std V3067 FC144K Fleeter W06E Engine
All information
1301 Wrecking Hino Super Eagle GH1H GH HO6CT HO6CTL Engine and Parts Hino GH1H GH Super Eagle 1995 H06C-TI H06C-TL 6109 Eaton 9 Spd 4.625 V3062
Hino Super Eagle GH1H GH  HO6CTI HO6CTL Engine
All information
1292 Wrecking Hino FG197L HO6CTE H06CTE Engine and Parts Hino FG197 L FG 1989 H06C-TE HO6C-TE 5109 Eaton 9 Speed Single Speed V3059 Hino FG197L HO6CTE H06CTE Engine
All information
1276 Wrecking Hino 300 Dutro 616 XZU417R NO4C-TV N04C-TV Engine and Parts Hino 300 Dutro XZU417R 616 2009 N04CTV NO4CTV Auto 6 Speed 5.375 V3048 Hino 300 Dutro 616 XZU417R NO4C-TV N04C-TV Engine
All information