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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
1327 Wrecking Isuzu FSR700 700S 6HK1-TCS Sitec 255 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSR700 FSR700S FRR34 2004 6HK1-TCS Sitec 255 6 Spd 4.333:1 C  Isuzu FSR 700 700S 6HK1-TCS Sitec 255 Engine All information
1326 Wrecking Isuzu FRR550 FRR33 6HH1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FRR550 FRR33 1997 6HH1 6 Spd 5.125 C 8226 175hp  Isuzu FRR550 FRR33 6HH1 All information
1325 Wrecking Isuzu FSS500 FSS12 6BG1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSS500 4x4 FSS12 1994 6BG1 5 Spd 5.125:1 J Isuzu FSS 500 FSS12 6BG1 Engine All information
1324 Wrecking Isuzu FTS700 4x4 FTS12 6BG1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FTS700 4x4 FTS12 1993 6BG1 6 Spd 5.571 J Isuzu FTS 700 FTS12 6BG1 Engine All information
1323 Wrecking Isuzu FSR550 FSR32 6HE1-T Sitec 230 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSR550 FSR32 1999 6HE1-T Turbo Sitec 230 6 Spd 4.33:1 J Isuzu FSR 550 FSR32 6HE1-T Sitec 230 Engine All information
1322 Wrecking Isuzu FSR650 FSR32 6HE1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSR650 FSR32 1993 6HE1 6 speed J  Isuzu FSR 650 FSR32 6HE1 Engine All information
1291 Wrecking Isuzu NPR300 NPR59 4BD1 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR300 NPR59 1987 4BD1 5 Speed Std V3058  Isuzu NPR 300 NPR59 4BD1 Engine All information
1285 Wrecking Isuzu NPR300 NPR66 4HF1 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR300 NPR66 1992 4HF1 5 Speed Std V3056
Wrecking  Isuzu NPR 300 NPR66 4HF1 Engine
All information
1279 Wrecking Isuzu JCR500 6BD1-T Engine and Parts Isuzu JCR500 1983 6BD1T Turbo 5 Speed 2 speed V3053
Wrecking  Isuzu JCR500 6BD1-T Engine
All information
1277 Wrecking Isuzu NPR200 NPR275 NPR75 4HK1-TCN Sitec 155 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR200 NPR275 NPR75 2008 4HK1-T SITEC 155 5 Speed Std V3050 Wrecking  Isuzu NPR 200 NPR 275 NPR75 4HK1-TCN Engine Sitec155
All information
1266 Wrecking Isuzu FTR 800 FTR12 6BG1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FTR800 FTR12 1991 6BG1 7 Speed Std V3035
Wrecking  Isuzu FTR 800 FTR12 6BG1 Engine
All information
1263 Wrecking Isuzu NKR150 NKR200 NKR66 4HF1 Engine and Parts Isuzu NKR150 NKR66 2000 4HF1 5 Speed STD V3033  Isuzu NKR 150 NKR66 4HF1 Engine
All information
1261 Wrecking Isuzu NPR250 NPR400 NPR70 4HE1-XN Sitec 130 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR400 NPR70 2004 4HE1-XN 4HE1T Sitec 130 6 Speed 5.375:1 V3029  Isuzu NPR 400 NPR70 4HE1-XN
All information
1256 Wrecking Isuzu FSR450 FSR11 6BD1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSR450 FSR11 1989 6BD1 5 Speed Std V3022
Isuzu FSR 450 FSR11 6BD1 Engine
All information
1240 Wrecking Isuzu NPR 200 NPR200 NPR58 4BE1 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR200 NPR58 1990 4BE1 5 speed v3004 3636
Wrecking  Isuzu NPR 200 NPR58 4BE1 Engine
All information