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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
358 Wrecking Isuzu FTR 800 FTR800 FTR12 6BG1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FTR 800 FTR12 88 6BG1 7 Speed 6.143 V2874
Isuzu FTR800 6BG1 Engine
All information
357 Wrecking Isuzu FVR900 FVR950 FVR33 6HH1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FVR900 FVR33 98 6HH1 7 Speed 6.833 V2877 Isuzu FVR 900 FVR33 6HH1 Engine
All information
356 Wrecking Isuzu NPR300 NPR 300 NPR59 4BD1 Engine and Parts Isuzu NPR300 NPR59 86 4BD1 5 Speed 5.85 V2878
Isuzu NPR 300 NPR59 4BD1 Engine
All information
355 Wrecking Isuzu JCR500 JCR 500 6BD1-T Turbo Engine and Parts Isuzu JCR500 1982 6BD1T Turbo 5 Speed 2 Speed V2879 Isuzu JCR500 6BD1-T Engine
All information
354 Wrecking Isuzu FSR500 FSR 500 FSR12 6BG1 Engine and Parts Isuzu FSR 500 FSR12 85 6BG1 6 Speed 4.75 V2892
FSR500 FSR12 ISUZU 6BG1 Engine
All information