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ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
3720 Isuzu FSR 500 6BG1 Engine FSR12 Isuzu FSR500 FSR12 1989 6BG1 6 Spd 4.75 V3245


In Stock 16/02/2015

FSR500 FSR12 All information
3715 Isuzu FSR 500 6HE1 Engine FSR-32 Isuzu FSR 500 FSR-32 1995 6HE1 5 Speed 4.3 V3243


In Stock 06/02/2015

FSR 500 FSR-32 All information
3713 Isuzu FVR 950 FVR32 6HE1TIC Engine Isuzu FVR950 FVR32 07/2000 6HE1TIC 7 Speed 5.375 V3237

In Stock 12/11/2014

230hp 6HE1 Turbo Intercooled Engine

Cabin fire damaged

FVR950 FVR32 All information
3703 Isuzu NKR 150 NKR58 4BE1 Engine Isuzu NKR150 NKR58 1994 4BE1 5 spd 5.375:1 V3230

In Stock 20/11/2014

NKR150 NKR58 All information
3693 Isuzu NKR150 NKR55 4JB1 Engine Import Truck Isuzu NKR150 NKR55 1988 4JB1 5 Spd V3205

In to Stock  26/11/2013

Imported Truck

4JB1 2.8 Engine

NKR150 NKR55 All information
3692 Wrecking Isuzu NQR450 4HE1-T Engine N1R70 Isuzu NQR450 NQR70 N1R70 1999 4HE1-T 6 spd 5.125 V3215

In Stock 22/01/2014

NQR450 NQR70 N1R70 All information
3684 Isuzu NKR200 4BE1 Engine Flat Low Isuzu NKR 200 NKR58 Low Loader 1995 4BE1 5 Spd 4.556 V3232

In to Stock 22/10/2014

NKR 200 NKR58 Low Loader All information
3681 Isuzu NPR 200 NPR75 4HK1 4HK1-TCN Engine Isuzu NPR75 2005 4HK1 4HK1-TCN 5 Spd AMT 4.3 V3223

In to Stock 02/09/2014

NPR75 All information
3651 Isuzu NPR300 NPR75 Isuzu 4HK1 Engine Isuzu NPR300 NPR75 02/2007 4HK1 MYY5T Std. V3208

Isuzu NPR75 NPR300 300 series SITEC150 Common Rail

NPR300 NPR75 All information
3645 Wrecking Isuzu FVZ13 6SA1T Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu FVZ13 1991 6SA1T Roadranger Bogie V3203 All information
3458 Wrecking Isuzu NPR66 4HF1 Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu NPR66 1993 4HF1 5 Speed Std V3200 All information
3451 Wrecking Isuzu NPR66 4HF1 Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu NPR66 1999 4HF1 5 Speed Std V3197 All information
3413 Wrecking Isuzu NQR450 N1R70 Sitec 170 4HE1T Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu NQR450 N1R70 2005 4HE1T Sitec 170 6 Spped Std V3192 All information
3412 Wrecking Isuzu NPR71 4HG1 Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu NPR71 2000 4HG1 5 Speed 5.875 V3191 All information
3408 Wrecking Isuzu NKR58 4BE1 Engine and Spare Parts Isuzu NKR58 1990 4BE1 5 Speed Std V3189 All information