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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
3795 Mitsubishi Canter 4X4 FG84D 4M50-3AT7 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FG84D 4x4 2009 4M50 5 Speed 5.285 V3270


In Stock 10/08/2015

FG84D 4x4 All information
3793 Mitsubishi Canter FE647 4D33 Engine Wrecking Mitsubishi FE647 1999 4D33 5 Speed 6.16 V3267


In Stock 08/08/2015

FE647 All information
3792 Mitsubishi Canter FE647 Dual Cab 4D33 Engine Wrecking Mitsubishi FE647 2000 4D33 5 Speed 6.16 V3268


In Stock 23/07/2015

Dual Cab

FE647 All information
3790 Mitsubishi FS52J 8X4 6M70 6M70-1AT4 Engine Wrecking Mitsubishi FS52j 8X4 2006 6M70 18 Spd 4.625:1 V3266


In Stock 21/07/2015

FS52j 8X4 All information
3758 Mitsubishi FK61F 6M60-3AT1 Engine Wrecking Mitsubishi FK61F 2010 6M60 6M60-3AT1 6 Speed 4.625:1 V3259


In Stock 16/06/2015

No Cabin


FK61F All information
3757 Mitsubishi Canter FE84D 4M50-3AT8 Engine Auto Wrecking Mitsubishi FE84D 2010 4M50 4M50-3AT8 6 Speed Auto 5.285:1 V3260


In Stock 15/06/2015

No Cabin.

FE84D All information
3733 Mitsubishi Canter FE649 4D34T 4D34-3AT3B Engine Mitsubishi FE649 2003 4D34TIC 4D34-3AT3B 5 Speed 5.2:1 V3257


In Stock 03/06/2015

FE649 All information
3714 Mitsubishi FM515 6D142A-T Turbo Engine 10 Speed Trans Mitsubishi FM515 Turbo 1987 6D142A-T 10 Spd 5.142 V3244

In Stock 03/02/2015

FM515 Turbo All information
3712 Mitsubishi Canter FG637 4X4 4D33 Engine Mitsubishi FG637 4WD 1996 4D33 5 Spd 6.16 V3241

In Stock 18/12/2014

Fire damage to cabin interior

Ex Rural Fire Service


FG637 4WD All information
3709 Mitsubishi Canter FE84D 4M503AT3 Engine 6 Speed Auto Mitsubishi FE84D 2010 4M50 6 Speed Auto 5.285 V3239

In Stock  9/12/2014

FE84D All information
3702 Mitsubishi FK617 6D16-T 6D16-2AT7 Engine Mitsubishi FK617 1999 6D16-2AT 6 spd 3.54 V3231

In Stock  17/11/2014

250 H.P. Engine

Tailgate Loader

FK617 All information
3700 Mitsubishi Canter FE434 4D31 Engine Mitsubishi FE434 1989 4D31 5 Spd 5.714 V3236

In Stock 10/11/2014

FE434 All information
3698 Mitsubishi FE637 4D33 Engine Mitsubishi FE637 2000 4D33 5 Spd 5.714 V3218

In Stock 02/07/2014

FE637 All information
3696 Mitsubishi FK417 6D16-OA Engine Mitsubishi FK417 1989 6D16-OA 6 spd 4.875 V3216

In Stock 16/06/2014

FK417 All information
3695 Mitsubishi FM515 6D142A-T Engine Mitsubishi FM515 1987 6D14-2AT 10 spd 5.142 V3210

In Stock 17/02/2014

FM515 All information