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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
3690 Mitsubishi FV547 6D24 6D24-OAT1 Engine Mitsubishi FV547 1998 6D24-OAT1 10 spd 5.142 Tandem V3222

In Stock 22/08/2014

FV547 All information
3660 Mitsubishi FK417 MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi FK417 1994 6D161AT AT545 AUTO 4.625 V3221

Date Received-20-03-14

FK417 All information
3688 Mitsubishi FM557 6D16-T 6D16-1AT Engine Mitsubishi FM557 1994 6D16-1AT 10 spd 5.142 V3220

In Stock 04/08/2014

FM557 All information
3698 Mitsubishi FE637 4D33 Engine Mitsubishi FE637 2000 4D33 5 Spd 5.714 V3218

In Stock 02/07/2014

FE637 All information
3696 Mitsubishi FK417 6D16-OA Engine Mitsubishi FK417 1989 6D16-OA 6 spd 4.875 V3216

In Stock 16/06/2014

FK417 All information
3654 Mitsubishi FK115 6D141A Engine Mitsubishi FK115 1984 6D14 1A 5 Spd In Stock V3213

MITSUBISHI FK115 (Date Received 26/03/14)

FK115 All information
3695 Mitsubishi FM515 6D142A-T Engine Mitsubishi FM515 1987 6D14-2AT 10 spd 5.142 V3210

In Stock 17/02/2014

FM515 All information
3643 Wrecking Mitsubishi Canter FE434 4D31T Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FE434 1991 4D31T Turbo 5 Speed Std V3201 All information
3450 Wrecking Mitsubishi Canter FE534 4M42T Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FE534 2004 4M42-0AT 5 Speed Std V3196 All information
3449 Wrecking Mitsubishi Canter FE637 4D33 Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FE637 1997 4D33 5 Speed Std V3195 All information
3414 Wrecking Mitsubishi FM67F 6M60-1AT2 Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FM67F 2007 6M60-1AT2 6 Speed 4.444 V3193 All information
3411 Wrecking Mitsubishi Canter FE85D 4M50T Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FE85D 2009 4M50 5 Speed 5.285 V3187 All information
3406 Wrecking Mitsubishi FM557 6D16-0AT Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FM557 1991 6D16-0AT 10 Speed 5.142 V3185 All information
3337 Wrecking Mitsubishi FV417 6D24T Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FV417 1997 6D24T RTLO12713A 13 Speed 5.57 V3178 All information
3328 Wrecking Mitsubishi FM65F 6M60T Engine and Spare Parts Mitsubishi FM65F 2006 6M60T 6 Speed 4.444 V3174 All information