Reconditioned Truck Engines

Reconditioned Diesel Truck Engines

All reconditioned engines offered by National Truck Spares, undergo a meticulous refurbishment process to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our reconditioning standards adhere strictly to industry-best practices, exceeding ISO AS4182-1994 standards, and encompass the following key elements:

Precision Assembly: Utilizing exclusively Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M) parts, our reconditioned engines are meticulously assembled with attention to detail. Components such as pistons, liners, piston rings, gudgeon pins, conrod bushes, main bearings, big end bearings, thrust washers, cam bearings, and all seals and gaskets are replaced. Additionally, each engine is equipped with a new water pump to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Engine Block Refurbishment: Engine blocks undergo a thorough cleaning process utilizing a hot acid tank to remove any impurities. Crankshaft tunnels are meticulously inspected for trueness and are line bored if necessary. Parent bores are rigorously examined for cracks, ovality, and taper. Cylinder decks are meticulously checked for straightness and, if required, are surface ground to ensure optimal performance. Cam bearings are replaced as deemed necessary to maintain peak performance.

Crankshaft Evaluation and Refinement: Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect each crankshaft for cracks and straightness. Subsequently, the crankshaft undergoes precision grinding or polishing as required to ensure smooth operation.

Conrod Restoration: All connecting rods undergo a thorough process of closure, honing, and alignment. Furthermore, new gudgeon pin bushes are meticulously fitted to guarantee precision and reliability.

Camshaft and Followers: Camshafts undergo stringent crack testing and straightness assessments, with subsequent re-profiling as required. Cam followers are carefully evaluated and either re-profiled or replaced to ensure optimal engine performance.

Oil Pump Integrity: The oil pump is meticulously overhauled or replaced with an O.E.M pump to ensure consistent and reliable lubrication throughout the engine’s lifespan.

Cylinder Head Reconditioning: Each cylinder head undergoes rigorous crack and pressure testing, alongside meticulous straightness assessments. Any necessary reconditioning is undertaken to maintain optimal functionality and performance.

Timing Gear and Rocker Gear Inspection: Timing gear bushes undergo meticulous inspection and are replaced as necessary to uphold precision. Rocker shafts and bushes are similarly evaluated and replaced if deemed essential. Additionally, rocker faces are inspected, resurfaced, or replaced to maintain peak performance.

In summary, National Truck Spares’ reconditioned engines adhere to the highest industry standards, providing customers with reliable, high-performance solutions that meet stringent quality benchmarks.

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