Isuzu Truck Engines


   Selected from Locally Wrecked Vehicles, Imported from Japan and Fully Reconditioned.

Huge Range. Most Models Available.  All Engines Hot

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ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
39 Isuzu 6WF1-TC Diesel Engine 6WF1 Giga CXZ CXY Isuzu CXY CXZ 2001-2008 6WF1-TC 14256 385

Suits the following models: 


CXZ 385

CXY 385

Sitec 385

CXY CXZ Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
40 Isuzu 6WG1-TC Diesel Engine Giga EXY EXD Isuzu EXY EXD 2001-2007 6WG1-TC 15681 42942

Suits the following models:


EXY 425 EXD 425

Sitec 425

EXY EXD Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
4107 Isuzu 6WG1-TCC 6WG1-TCS 6WG1-TCN2 Diesel Engine EXY EXD CXZ CXY Isuzu EXY EXD CXZ CXY 2008- 6WG1-TCC. . 6WG1-TCS. . 6WG1-TCN2 15681 415-510

Suits the following models:


CXZ415  CXZ455  CXZ240-420  CXZ240-460

CXY415 CXY455  CXY240-420  CXY240-460

EXY455 EXY510   EXY240-420  EXY240-520   


EXY EXD CXZ CXY Bulldozer 4JH1 All information