Toyota and Daihatsu Gearboxes


ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
222 Daihatsu Delta V107 V108 V116 V118 V119 V138 Gearbox / Transmission Toyota / Daihatsu Delta 1987- 2006 5 Speed

 5 speed transmissions.

To Suit the Following Models:

 V107 V108 V116 V118 V119 V138  

Delta Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
223 Toyota Coaster HB30 BB40 HZB50 BB50 XZB50 Gearbox / Transmissions Toyota / Daihatsu Coaster 1987 - 5 & 6 Speed

Transmissions available to suit all models

 HB30 BB40 HZB50 BB50 XZB50

Coaster All information
224 Toyota Dyna BU88 BU91 BU100 BU63 BU65 BU110 XZU305 XZU424 XZU434 XZU302 XZU402 XZU412 XZU410 XZU420 XZU430 Gearbox Transmission Toyota / Daihatsu Dyna 1986 - 2010 5 & 6 Speed

 Various transmissions available to suit the following models 

 BU88 BU91 BU100 BU63 BU65 BU110  XZU305 BU300 BU340 XZU404 XZU414 XZU424 XZU434 XZU302 XZU402 XZU412 XZU410 XZU420 XZU430

Dyna Bulldozer 4JH1 All information