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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
1051 Wrecking Hino FG175 FG HO7C Engine and Parts Hino FG175 HINO 03/91 H07C HO7C-E 9 Spd Eaton 5.285:1 V2946 Hino FG175 FG HO7C Engine  All information
1052 Wrecking Hino KL300 KL EH700 Engine and Parts Hino KL300 KL 08/81 EH700 6 Spd SINGLE SPEED V2945  Hino KL300 KL EH700 Engine All information
1053 Wrecking Hino FD2J FD JO8C-E J08C Engine and Parts Hino FD2J FD 06/02 J08C JO8C-E 6 SPEED 4.10:1 V2944  Hino FD2J FD  JO8C-E  Engine All information
1055 Wrecking Hino FD174 K FD EH700 Engine and Parts Hino FD174 K FD 04/83 EH700 DIESEL 5 Spd V2942  Hino FD174 K FD  EH700 Engine All information
1040 Wrecking Hino GH1J GH JO8CT JO8C-TG Engine and Parts Hino GH1J GH 05/99 JO8CT JO8CTG 9 Spd Eaton 4.625:1 V2934  Hino GH1J GH JO8C-TG Engine All information
1036 Wrecking Hino FF197 K FF HO6CTB H06CTB Engine and Parts Hino FF197K FF 03/86 HO6CTB HO6C-TB 5 Spd 2 SPEED T V2930
Hino  FF197 K FF HO6CTB  Engine
All information
1032 Wrecking Hino FG FG197L HO6CTE HO6C-TE Engine and Parts Hino FG197L FG 06/91 H06CTE HO6CTE 9 Spd Eaton 5.250:1 V2927
Hino FG FG197L  HO6CTE   Engine
All information
1027 Wrecking Hino FG193 FG HO6CTE H06CTE Engine and Parts Hino FG193 FG 1990 HO6CTE HO6C-TE 9 Spd Eaton 5.250:1 V2923  Hino FG193 FG HO6CTE  Engine  With Chipper Body. All information
1028 Wrecking Hino GT175 GT 4X4 HO7C HO7CE Engine and Parts Hino GT175 GT 06/90 HO7C HO7C-E 5spd 6.428:1 V2922 Hino  GT175 4wd, Tipper HO7C Engine. All information
1023 Wrecking Hino FT1J FT 4X4 Ranger 5Z JO8CF JO8C-F Engine and Parts Hino FT1J FT 4WD 1999 JO8CF 6 speed 6.142:1 V2917 Hino  FT1J FT 4X4 Ranger 5Z JO8CF JO8C-F Engine All information
1017 Wrecking Hino FC FC144 WO6D Engine and Parts Hino FC144K FC144 FC W06D 5 Speed 4.333 V2911  Hino FC FC144 WO6D Engine All information
1007 Wrecking Hino FD166 FD WO6E Engine and Parts Hino FD166L FD 88 W06E 6 Speed 4.875:1 V2908 Hino FD166 FD WO6E Engine All information
322 Wrecking Hino Dutro XZU 412 SO5C S05C Engine and Parts Hino Dutro XZU412 2001 S05C 6 Speed 5.375 V2903 4613



All information
323 Wrecking Hino GH GH3H HO7D H07D Engine and Parts Hino GH3H GH 92 H07D 6109 9 Speed Eaton 5.25 V2889 7412 Wrecking Hino GH3H HO7D Engine
All information
324 Wrecking Hino GD GD166 WO6E W06E Engine and Parts Hino GD166 89 W06E 6 Speed 6.14 V2883
Wrecking Hino GD 166 WO6E Engine
All information