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Truck Wrecking

ID Product Brand Part Type Model Year Type Gearbox Diff Stock CC HP Speeds Ratio Condition Part Type Price Description Model Type Engine Brand Engine Model Details
3866 Mitsubishi FV547 6D24-OAT2 Engine - Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FV547 2001 6D24-OAT2 10 Speed 5.142 V3329


In Stock 27/07/2016

Air Bag Suspension

FV547 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3864 Mitsubishi Canter FE637 4D33 Engine - Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FE637 1998 4D33 5 Speed 5.714 V3327


In Stock 27/07/2016

FE637 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3865 Mitsubishi FH100 6D31-T Engine - Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FH100 1993 6D31-T 5 Speed 5.42 V3325


In Stock 02/08/2016

FH100 Bulldozer 4JH1 All information
3847 Mitsubishi FM657 6D16-2AT7 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM657 1998 6D16-2AT7 10 Spd 4.625 V3319


In Stock 20-05-2016

FM657 All information
3834 Mitsubishi Canter FE637 4D33 Engine - Now wrecking Mitsubishi FE637 2001 4D33 5 Speed 5.714:1 V3306


In Stock 20/01/2016

FE637 All information
3833 Mitsubishi FM215 6D142AT Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM215 1982 6D142AT 10 Speed 5.571:1 V3305


In Stock 10/01/2016

Repowered with a 6D142A Turbo Engine

FM215 All information
3831 Mitsubishi FM555 6D142AT Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM555 1988 6D142AT 10 Speed 5.571 V3300 FM555 All information
3829 Mitsubishi FM517 6D16 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM517 1992 6D16 6 Speed 6.166 V3299


In Stock 25/11/2015

FM517 All information
3826 Mitsubishi FS428 6D221AT2 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FS428 1990 6D221AT2 15 Speed 4.22 V3298


In Stock 25/11/2015

FS428 All information
3814 Mitsubishi Canter FE85D 4M50 4M50-3AT7 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FE85D 2010 4M50-3AT7 5 Speed 5.285:1 V3292


In Stock 24/11/2015

Good Clean Cabin

FE85D All information
3823 Mitsubishi FM657 6D162AT2 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM657 1998 6D162AT2 6 Speed 4.625 V3290


In Stock 18/112015

FM657 All information
3810 Mitsubishi Canter FE534 4M42-OAT Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FE534 2004 4M42-T 5 Speed 5.285:1 V3285


In Stock 20/10/2015

Stolen Recovered Vehicle

FE534 All information
3812 Mitsubishi FM67F 6M60-1AT2 Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FM67F 2005 6M60-1AT2 9 Speed 4.222:1 V3283


In Stock 28/10/2015

270 h.p.

FM67F All information
3806 Mitsubishi Canter FB511 4M40-OA Engine Now Wrecking Mitsubishi FB511 2000 4M40-OA 5 Speed 4.875 V3277


In Stock 10/09/2015

FB511 All information
3803 Mitsubishi Canter FE83P 4D34-T 4D343A-T3B Engine Now wrecking Mitsubishi FE83P 2006 4D34-3AT3B 5 Speed 4.875:1 V3276


In Stock 10/09/2015

FE83P All information